New Product – 100% Pure Sweet Almond Oil…50% Off While Supplies Last

sweet almond oil for hair

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I’m delighted to announce our newest product 100% Pure Sweet Almond Oil is now available.

Let me tell you a little about it…

We all know that almonds are good for you. But, did you know that the oil of the almond has remarkable topical benefits for your skin and hair?

In a nutshell (no pun intended) Almond Oil can deliver a power punch of vitamins E, A and B, plus a mixture of lipids, amino acids and vitamins that can help repair and reverse damage to the skin.

Likewise, using Sweet Almond Oil for the hair, especially if you are seeing the effects of aging and damage, can help to heal that damage and produce hair with more luster, shine and touchability.

Southern Zoomer’s Sweet Almond Oil Features

  • An affordable All-In-One Beauty Regiment Solution that won’t break the bank
  • An 8 oz amber bottle to protect and extend the shelf life of this effective emollient making it easy to absorb into the skin
  • A Pump Top to easily dispense this light velvety textured oil (unlike other brands on the market)
  • Cold pressed extraction, All Natural, Paraben and Hexane Free 100% Pure Moisturizing Oil
  • A FREE ebook titled “At Last Someone Has Unlocked The Secret To Beauty…Sweet Almond Oil Uses, Tips and Favorite Recipes”.  You’ll learn how to use Sweet Almond Oil for your face and body, your hair and a few of our favorite recipes.
  • Securely wrapped and shipped the same day (except on Sundays)
  • Can be used alone (the way I like it) or in lotions, scrubs (both salt and sugar) and soaps
  • Can be used as a massage oil…mix with Lavender Essential Oil for a sensual massage
  • Can be added to the bath
  • A top choice as a carrier oil to mix with your favorite essential oils

Sweet Almond Oil Benefits

  • Maintains moisture in the skin, absorbs quickly and does not block pores
  • Encourages healthier skin and improves the complexion and suppleness thereby delaying signs of aging
  • Makes an effective makeup remover that can even remove waterproof mascara
  • Effective at reducing dark circles around the eyes
  • Promotes healthier hair by reducing hair frizz, eliminating split ends and minimizing hair fallout
  • An all-in-one multipurpose oil that can be used as a substitute for leave-in conditioners and shine enhancers as well as hand and body lotion
  • Powerful enough to minimize and prevent stretch marks
  • Supports stronger healthier nails
  • Acts as a dilutor when mixed with essential oils like lavender, peppermint, tea tree & eucalyptus pure oils.

There are so many health benefits of sweet almond oil we’re looking forward to hearing what our customers think.

How Can You Buy 100% Pure Sweet Almond Oil?

For a limited time and while supplies last we have set up a 50% off discount on Amazon. Use coupon code: M3P4JMGD at checkout.

If you are a member of the VIP Review Club we have sent an email to you on how to get your Sweet Almond Oil for free. Not a member? Join here.


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