15 Sweet Almond Oil Uses


15 Sweet Almond Oil Uses

15 Sweet Almond Oil Uses

Sweet Almond Oil isn’t just a carrier oil – it has many different uses! Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E, proteins, fatty acids, and a number of other vitamins and minerals. The almond tree blooms beautiful flowers, which then ripen into the almond we all know and love. The almonds are then pressed, and then we get the magnificent skin care ingredient that is Sweet Almond Oil. Not sure what to use this wonderful ingredient for? We have put together a list for you of the top 15 Sweet Almond Oil Uses!

  1. Deep conditioning treatment for the hair.
  2. Dry and cracked skin treatment.
  3. Helps eliminate Dandruff.
  4. Repairs split ends.
  5. Slows and prevents hair loss.
  6. Cuticle protecting and healing oil.
  7. Moisturizes dry and cracked lips.
  8. Relief for scalps after hair bleaching treatments.
  9. Relieves eczema and psoriasis.
  10. Fantastic carrier oil for essential oils.
  11. Works well in DIY Body Butters and Sugar Scrubs.
  12. Makes a great massage oil.
  13. Works well in soap and body wash recipes.
  14. Great addition to DIY perfumes.
  15. Minimizes the appearance of stretch marks.

If you haven’t tried out this fantastic DIY ingredient, now you have a list of the top 15 Sweet Almond Oil Uses to refer to. The possibilities are endless with this versatile ingredient! If a skin care recipe requires a liquid oil, chances are sweet almond oil will always make a fantastic choice. If you run out of conditioner or moisturizer and you’re in a pinch, Sweet Almond Oil will get the job done!

Have you used our Sweet Almond Oil? We’d love to hear from you! Send us a note and let us know what YOU use sweet almond oil for. What skin care recipes have you made using almond oil? There are thousands of DIY’s waiting to be made. Improve your skin care routine by using our all natural ingredients.


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