5 Awesome Diffuser Blends


5 Awesome Diffuser Blends

5 awesome diffuser blends

Essential oil diffusers are great! They can make your room smell fantastic, or even your whole house. There are plenty of aromatherapy benefits to using an essential oil diffuser like this one, which lasts up to a full day. It depends on which oils you use, and how often you use it as to which benefits you receive. Different blends have different benefits, so let’s take a look at 5 awesome diffuser blends for your home!

For Peace & Calm

  • 3 drops Grapefruit
  • 3 drops Sweet Orange
  • 2 drops Lavender
  • 1 drop Bergamot

For Focus – or Homework

  • 3 drops Rosemary
  • 2 drops Douglas Fir
  • 2 drops Basil
  • 1 drop Frankincense

For a Romantic Mood

For Cold & Flu Season

For a Boost of Energy

  • 4 drops Peppermint
  • 3 drops Lime
  • 2 drops Ginger
  • 1 drop Black Pepper

Essential oils have so many uses in our every day lives. Besides diffusing them, here are a few ways to use your essential oils:

  1. DIY Skin Care products
  2. Roll-on Blends
  3. Healing Salve
  4. DIY Candles
  5. Hair Care Products

The possibilities are truly endless. Essential oils help make life more natural and chemical free, and we have a variety of tools to help your home become a more natural place. There are chemicals in food, skin care, candles, hair care, and just about everything else you can purchase at the store. Rely on Nature’s medicine cabinet, essential oils! If you are concerned about the chemicals found in your own home, don’t stress, oil up. Just about anything can be replaced by making a DIY version at home. How do you keep chemicals out of your daily life and beauty routine? Tell us about the changes you make at home for a healthier family and home in the comments!


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