A Super Easy DIY Coconut Oil Hair Treatment


I’m crazy about Coconut Oil! I use it every day in my coffee, for oil pulling, on my entire body as a moisturizer, drizzled on my popcorn and in cooking. I just can’t get enough of it. 😉

While the Southern Zoomer Coconut Oil Product Video does a great job of presenting the many uses and benefits, the following article does a terrific job of outlining the benefits for using coconut oil for hair.

Plus, there is a super simple DIY Coconut Oil Hair Treatment recipe that will leave your locks looking stronger and healthier.

DIY: Coconut oil hair treatment – The Coconut Frontier

If you suffer from lackluster hair, dandruff, premature grey hair (I’m not sure about this one), then treating yourself to an occasional Coconut Oil Hair Treatment just might be the solution.

Anyone using coconut oil as a hair treatment? We’d love to hear your story.

The Coconut Frontier


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