All Natural Pain Relief


All Natural Pain Relief 

All Natural Pain Relief

As we age, our joints may begin to hurt, sometimes on a daily basis. Sometimes, joint pain is caused by a condition such as arthritis, lupus, tendinitis, gout, or even bursitis, or the inflammation of the pads that help to cushion your joints. When you are really hurting and need some relief, a doctor will most likely only prescribe you with pain medications and anti-inflammatory medications. The most common are Vicodin and Ibuprofen. All Natural pain relief is a much better alternative to these medications. There are some major long term and short term side effects to using both of these prescription drugs.

Vicodin contains Hydrocodone, an opiate which works as a pain reliever. It is paired with Acetaminophen, a mild pain reducer as well as fever reducer. Common side effects of Vicodin include nausea, constipation, slowed breathing, drowsiness, and dizziness. Long term use of Vicodin has proved to lead to tolerance, dependency, and even addiction.

There is a much better alternative to pain medication for joint pain relief. All Natural Pain Relief can be achieved using our all natural product, Celadrin Pain Relief Cream.This product is USDA Certified Organic, with ingredients like MSM and Arnica. MSM is a source of organic sulfur, which is essential to normal connective tissue production. Arnica is often used topically by athletes to assist with sports-related injuries. It helps bruising and inflammation. These ingredients are combined to provide you with pain relief you can truly feel.

For those wanting natural pain relief instead of having to reach for prescriptions daily, Celadrin Pain Relief Cream is for you. It comes with an easy to use pump. Not only does this product work for arthritis and joint pain, but it is very effective against muscle soreness, bruising, and inflammation.

If you have used our Celadrin Pain Relief Cream, we want to hear from you! Leave us a review or send us a note. How has all natural pain relief worked for you?



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