Anti Aging Face Oil


Anti Aging Face Oil

anti aging face oil

We all age eventually, some sooner than others. Are you aging prematurely? If you use anti-aging creams from the department store, they normally work for a short amount of time. You have to use these expensive $100+ products forever, or the results will not last. This comes thanks to chemicals, preservatives, and other yucky ingredients that shouldn’t go on skin. Don’t forget, these ingredients are absorbed into your skin and can actually cause premature aging by using them.

We have a solution! All natural skin care ingredients have beneficial properties to prevent and discourage premature aging and fine lines. They can even reduce dark spots, age spots, all while improving firmness and softness. We made a serum with some of these fabulous ingredients, and you can too. You can have this anti aging face oil for a fraction of the cost of chemical filled alternatives at the store. Even better, these ingredients can cause long-lasting improvement over time. Skin may even out or even appear brighter within the first few applications. We recommend using this face oil after you cleanse your face in the evening. Avoid areas which may cause the serum to get in your eyes, that’s no fun and can cause irritation.


How to Make it

Using a roller bottle or a glass bottle with a dropper, fill the container 1/3 of the way with Sweet Almond Oil. Next, fill another 1/3 of the container with Rosehip Seed Oil. If you’re using a 10ml roll-on bottle, add in 3 drops of Frankincense and Lavender. If you’re using a 4oz glass bottle, instead add in 10 drops each of the essential oils.

To use this anti aging face oil, put about a dime size amount in your hands. Apply to a clean face in an upward motion, avoiding areas that may irritate eyes. You can use this serum over night to wake up with a refreshed and rejuvenated face!


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