Benefits Of Pure Tea Tree Oil & Some Uses


Pure tea tree oil or organic tea tree oil is becoming a household name.

Benefits Of Pure Tea Tree OilOver the last ten years or so, millions of people around the world have been using pure tea tree oil for one or more of its numerous benefits.

The best tea tree oil is the one that contains no additives, preservatives or any chemicals and has been extracted from the tea tree that is native to Australia. Tea tree is also known as Melaleuca alternifolia which is not found anywhere but down under.

Pure tea tree oil has numerous benefits however it should not be consumed or ingested. All uses of organic tea tree oil are topical.

Here are some benefits of pure tea tree oil.

For Skin
Pure tea tree oil has numerous properties. It is rich in nutrients, has anti-inflammatory properties and also helps with moisturizing and hydration. You can use pure tea tree oil to care for your skin, even if you do not have any skin problems. Organic tea tree oil has been proven to be very effective to cure acne. It can also prevent acne marks or spots. Pure tea tree oil can be used to cure rashes, skin inflammations or different types of skin spots. The best tea tree oil is a remedy for many skin conditions.

For Hair
Pure tea tree oil will help your hair to be healthier and more lustrous. It can help in destroying lice and you can also prevent, manage and get rid of dandruff. While organic tea tree oil can be used occasionally to address specific problems of the hair and scalp, there is no rule that says you cannot use it regularly.

As An Antiseptic
Pure tea tree oil is an antiseptic. You can use it on burns, bruises, scratches or any kind of physical injury on the skin.

As An Antifungal & Antiviral Herbal Medicine
Pure tea tree oil is used for numerous health conditions. If you are suffering from viral or fungal infections then organic tea tree oil can be applied either topically or in aromatherapy to cure the conditions. People have been using organic tea tree oil to cure eczema, yeast infections, athlete’s foot, flu or cold, chest congestion and sinus infection among others.

To Clean Your Home
Pure tea tree oil can be used as an all purpose cleaner. Whether it is your bathroom tiles or shower heads, carpets or kitchen cabinets, you can use pure tea tree oil to clean them normally or to remove stains.

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