Best DIY Peppermint Lotion


Best DIY Peppermint Lotion

best diy peppermint lotion

Lotions are a fabulous way to add moisture to your skin. But did you know that most store bought lotions contain all sorts of preservatives and other chemicals? One reason for this is most lotions at the store contain water.

Water plus any ingredient can result in mold, so extra ingredients must be added. Thankfully, you can have a lotion with a much thicker, creamier texture without water by making it yourself. When there isn’t any water, you don’t have to add any preservatives to your recipe.

This recipe for the best DIY peppermint lotion has wholesome ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil, essential oils, and sweet almond oil. Each ingredient serves its own purpose to moisturize and protect skin.

This recipe is for a pump lotion, meaning you can use a pump lotion bottle to use your lotion in. Slap on a cute label, and you have a fantastic Christmas present!

Peppermint oil has many benefits and uses. It can help improve mental focus. It has antibacterial properties. Peppermint oil is even said to release tight muscles and relieve headaches.

Let’s begin our best DIY peppermint lotion recipe!


What you need

How to make it

Using a double boiler on low-medium heat, melt down the shea butter and coconut oil.

Mix well, and then add in the sweet almond oil while it is still warm. mix well once again.

Let the mixture sit for about fifteen minutes to cool off a bit, and then add in the peppermint oil.

Use a stand mixer or hand mixer to whip up the ingredients for about five minutes.

Now transfer your best DIY peppermint lotion recipe into your pump lotion bottle for easy storage.

Shake gently before each use. Voila!


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