Better Sleep Foot Lotion


Better Sleep Foot Lotion

better sleep foot lotion

Our feet are important – if you pay attention to reflexology, every nerve line ends in the feet. Diluted essential oils are great to put on feet because feet have the largest pores on your body. They have faster absorption of skin ingredients. It also means you don’t want to put any harmful ingredients on your feet! Better Sleep Foot Lotion is a lotion you can put into a pump bottle that will help you get a better and faster night’s sleep. How? With Lavender essential oil and other fantastic ingredients! This lotion is fast absorbing, so rub it onto feet just before you go to sleep. Not only does it help you sleep, it also hydrates dry, aching feet at the end of the day. There are only a few ingredients in this lotion, and it only takes a couple of pumps each time. It gets feet hydrated, and gets you ready for bed!



  1. In a bowl, combine all ingredients.
  2. Use a whisk to “whip” the ingredients for about five minutes, until all are well mixed.
  3. Transfer to your amber bottle. To do so, put your lotion in a ziplock bag. Then, make a hole at the corner, and squeeze into the bottle.

Make sure you label your lotion bottle with a cute print out so you remember it’s for your feet at night! You will enjoy your hydrated feet thanks to your Better Sleep Foot Lotion. You’ll also enjoy a restful night of sleep, and get to sleep faster. As a bonus, your feet will smell very nice!

It is our goal to help families make healthy choices for their health and skin care routines. Picking quality ingredients that do not contain toxins is one of the most important steps. This is why we sell all natural ingredients! How has your life changed since making the switch to a natural lifestyle? Sound off in the comments!


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