Why Use Peppermint Oil This Holiday Season

why use peppermint oil

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In this Video I’m going to share with you Why Use Peppermint Oil This Holiday Season.

Y’all, it’s so close to the most wonderful time of the year, I can almost taste it—or is that my peppermint oil I smell? Either way, there’s nothing more merry and bright than filling your home with the delightful scent of Peppermint Oil for the holiday season!

Among its many other beneficial uses, diffusing this all-natural, robust peppermint scent throughout your home will be sure to stimulate a joyful sensation for everyone.

On top of that, Peppermint Oil is great for the family in naturally treating many ailments, both mentally and physically, including those that fall within the busy, chilly winter months, like:

  • Fatigue and mental exhaustion from the stress of the holidays
  • Bad breath caused by that suspicious egg nog
  • Back pain, muscular pain, rheumatism, and arthritis flare-ups from feverishly wrapping those last minute gifts
  • Headaches and migraines caused by all that Christmas music
  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) from all the delicious (high calorie) food
  • Constipation, cramps, digestive problems, flatulence – need I say more
  • Tired feet from all that Black Friday shopping
  • Asthma, bronchitis, colds, coughs, flu and sinus congestion that runs rampant
    during the winter months.
  • Faintness, shock or vertigo for when your kids read their extensive Christmas lists.
  • Travel sickness from visiting all those family members.

So, bring tidings of comfort and joy to your household with a dash of Peppermint Oil during the upcoming holidays. Your family and friends will thank you!

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Why Use Eucalyptus Oil

why use eucalyptus oil

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In This Video I share with you Why Use Eucalyptus Essential Oil especially when you have a cough or a cold.

With the Winter season upon us, we must all take extra special precautions when it comes to the health and vitality of our bodies. We must consistently eat healthy, sleep well, keep warm, and stay as stress-free as possible.

The reality is that during the Winter season, many of us do unfortunately fall ill with sicknesses including colds, fevers, coughs, the flu, etc.

But thanks to eucalyptus oil, many of these common ailments that we tend to catch during the Winter season can primarily be avoided.

As a rule, eucalyptus oil for coughs has been shown time and time again to be extremely effective at helping aid both the symptoms of coughs and decrease the body ever falling ill with a cough.

The way to use eucalyptus oil for coughs is to massage the oil into the skin, namely, the soles of the feet. It is beneficial to mix undiluted eucalyptus oil with a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil to decrease any chance of skin irritation.

Simply massage the mixture onto the soles of the feet of the one who is ill and the cough will be cured! This is even safe for children, and much healthier than traditional over-the-counter cough syrups.

In addition, eucalyptus oil is amazing at curing colds and preventing them from ever affecting the body.

To use eucalyptus oil for colds, simply make a steam inhalation. To do this, boil water on the stove and then add 3-4 drops of the oil.  Then place a towel over the head and breathe in the eucalyptus-water mixture for 10 minutes.

The anti-bacterial and antiviral properties in the eucalyptus oil will treat the cold and open up the breathing passageways in the nose.

Overall, eucalyptus is something of a miracle product that is completely natural, and works great at effectively treating both colds and coughs. To learn more about using Natural Products Visit our Blog & Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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DIY Hydrating Hand Cream

DIY Hydrating Hand Cream

diy hydrating hand cream

Our hands go through a lot throughout our lives. They type, text, do our hair and makeup, apply skin care… They tie our children’s shoes, give massages, write out sweet messages on birthday cards… the list is truly endless.

Many of us work with our hands throughout our lives as well. For something on our bodies that does so much, it’s surprising how we don’t treat our hands as well as our faces. Hands dry out, crack, wrinkle, and age faster than most of our bodies.

So, why not treat our hands to some DIY hydrating hand cream once in a while?

This recipe has all natural ingredients with vitamins and fatty acids to help our hands. It prevents many signs of pre-mature aging to keep hands moisturized and well taken care of.

Shea butter provides deep, penetrating moisture, while coconut oil adds moisture and locks it in.

Almond oil provides additional moisturizing benefits, as well as skin care vitamins.

Lavender oil not only has antibacterial properties, it also provides a soothing scent that relaxes the mind and body.

What You Need

How to Make it

Using a double boiler on low-medium heat, melt together the raw shea butter and virgin coconut oil.

Remove from the heat, and let it sit for about fifteen minutes to cool off.

Add in the sweet almond oil and lavender essential oil.

Using a stand mixer or hand mixer, blend together for a few minutes.

Pour the mixture into a container of your choice. You can either let it sit in room temperature for several hours to cool, or put it in your fridge for an hour or two.

To use your hydrating hand cream, take a small amount and melt it between your hands by rubbing them together. Apply to both hands using a circular massaging motion, to deeply penetrate and provide long lasting moisture.


Orange Cinnamon Lotion

Orange Cinnamon Lotion

orange cinnamon lotion

It’s Fall, and Winter is right around the corner. It’s a very important time for skin care, and there are nourishing ingredients to help you along.

Skin is dry, flakey, or even peeling during cooler months. Well, we don’t want to have any part of that – skin should be supple and soft! Sometimes your skin needs extra help getting there, and that’s okay.

Think about a car – you would not go months without performing any maintenance or oil changes, right? We live in our skin our entire lives – so it makes sense to nourish and protect skin regularly, more often even than we take care of our vehicles. After all, we can’t just go to the store and buy new skin.

The recipe we have today is for jumpable orange cinnamon lotion. It nourishes and protects skin from the elements like colder weather, dryness, and free radicals.

Ingredients like shea butter provide penetrating moisture, and coconut oil helps seal that moisture in. The sweet almond oil adds even more moisture and vitamins that our skin craves. The essential oils are fragrant and provide additional skin care benefits.

Once you smell this lotion, you will be in love! Orange and cinnamon together create a warm, spicy, and citrusy fragrance that’s divine.

Let’s get to the recipe now, so you can begin enjoying this skin care treat!

What you need

How to Make it

  1. Using a double boiler on low-medium heat, completely melt the shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil together.
  2. Mix them very well.
  3. Remove from the heat, and add in the almond oil. Mix well once again.
  4. Let it sit in room temperature for about 20 minutes.
  5. Add in your essential oils.
  6. Using a hand mixer or stand mixer, whip the lotion for about five minutes.
  7. Use a funnel to put your mixture into a pump lotion bottle.

This lotion is fantastic for dry hands, feet, elbows, arms, and legs. Wash your hands after using this lotion, because you don’t want to accidentally get cinnamon essential oil near your eyes or face.

This fragrant orange cinnamon lotion keeps skin moisturized and smelling fantastic for hours on end. Enjoy!


The Best Fall Lip Balm

The Best Fall Lip Balm

the best fall lip balm

We know here and you probably do too, the best skin care is natural skin care! That means the best Fall lip balm is a DIY, all natural recipe.

You can make this lip balm if you have a little spare time, and a few natural ingredients. There are no preservatives, fillers, or other yucky ingredients that you certainly don’t want on your lips.

The ingredients in this lip balm keeps lips healthy and hydrated. Hydration is something you need on your lips as the weather cools and winds pick up.

Fall and Winter can be very harsh on the thin layer of skin that covers your lips. It’s one of the thinnest areas of skin on your whole body. That means it requires some extra TLC from you. Without further ado, the best Fall lip balm recipe –

What you need

How to make it

  1. Using a double boiler on low-medium heat, melt together the coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax.
  2. Mix well, and remove from the heat when it’s fully liquid.
  3. Add in your essential oils. If you don’t care for lavender, you can use a different one.
  4. Pour into your lip balm containers. This recipe will fill about four 2 oz containers.
  5. Let cool either in the fridge for two hours, or in room temperature for four hours.
  6. Apply to lips, and enjoy the benefits of the best Fall lip balm recipe out there!

This recipe is super quick! It doesn’t take much time, energy, effort, or ingredients. We hope you enjoy your new all natural homemade lip balm. If you have some cute stickers or labels, these make great stocking stuffers around Christmastime.


All Natural Makeup Primer

All Natural Makeup Primer

all natural makeup primer

Makeup primer is something that is becoming very popular. It provides a longer lasting makeup day, which we could all use. It also allows for fuller coverage when you apply foundation.

To use makeup primer, you take a small amount between your hands, and cover your face in an upward circular motion – all over your face while avoiding the eyes. It’s easy to find makeup primer at just about any store. At cosmetics stores, department stores, and even at your local supermarkets in the cosmetics section.

But, have you ever read the ingredients lists on these makeup primers? Many contain unnatural ingredients that are linked to premature signs of aging. Fillers, preservatives, and more are abundant in them.

Let’s switch focus to the proper way to prime your face. All naturally! We have an all natural makeup primer recipe which is sure to satisfy your makeup priming needs while not contributing to premature aging. The ingredients are simple, wholesome, and do not break the bank. It’s almost too easy!

Ingredients for your All Natural Makeup Primer

How to Make it

To make your all natural makeup primer, you must fully melt the beeswax using a double boiler on low-medium heat. Once it is completely liquid, remove it from the heat. Add all other ingredients one at a time, and then mix together using a hand mixer or even a whisk.

Put your mixture into an air tight container, like a very small jar. To use, scoop a very small amount out. Put it in your hands, and apply in upward circular motions on your face, avoiding the eye area. Let it sit on your skin for a few minutes before applying foundation. All natural powder foundation works best on top of this all natural makeup primer. Enjoy!


Cocoa Skin Balm

Cocoa Skin Balm

cocoa skin balm

There are many different types of skin balms. Cocoa skin balm is ultra hydrating, healing, and protects skin from outside elements such as free radicals. It even has ingredients said to reduce premature aging and fine lines! It smells delectable, like chocolate with a hint of coconut.

Cocoa butter is a wonderful ingredient to add to Fall and Winter skin care products. It’s thicker than shea butter or mango butter, and hydrates even the driest of skin. It smells like chocolate, and has hardening properties making it perfect for skin balms and lotion bars. It’s hard like a rock at first when you buy it unrefined, but it melts down quite easily in a double boiler on low-medium heat.

Coconut oil is an all around amazing skin care ingredient. It has natural antibacterial properties and moisturizes as well. It replenishes skin with the moisture it needs to stay hydrated and nourished. Coconut oil even has a small amount of SPF!

Beeswax is a skin barrier and protectant. It seals in the nourishing ingredients like cocoa butter and coconut oil. It repels outside free radicals, while keeping moisture locked in while it absorbs into your skin. Beeswax is the perfect addition to a skin balm, and protects skin for hours at a time.

What You Need

  • Round tins or other small containers to store the balm
  • 1/3 cup Cocoa Butter
  • 1/4 cup Coconut Oil
  • 4 TBSP Beeswax Pastilles

How to Make it

Using a double boiler on low-medium heat, melt down your cocoa butter and beeswax pastilles. Once it is almost fully melted, add in your coconut oil. Stir occasionally while it melts together. When it is fully melted, remove it from the heat and stir once again to fully combine. Very carefully pour the mixture into the containers of your choice, and then place the containers in the freezer for two hours. Once it is solidified, you can seal the containers with the lids and store your cocoa skin balm in room temperature away from heat and moisture.

To use, simply rub your fingers on the surface of the skin balm. Some will melt onto your hand, and then you can apply wherever it is needed. Elbows, hands, and knees are great places to apply this balm to keep skin soft and supple!


Best Fall Skin Care Ingredients

Best Fall Skin Care Ingredients

the best fall skin care ingredients

Fall is a time when temperatures are cooling, wind is picking up, and leaves are churning in the wind. It’s also a time when skin becomes more dry due to the weather. Lips chap, eczema flares up, and dry patches are abundant. If you don’t moisturize properly, it can be a really awful time for skin. It’s important to use nourishing ingredients when making Fall skin care products. Many ingredients and chemicals in store bought skin care products are harsh and deplete moisture over time. Preservatives, fillers, and other artificial ingredients can do a number on your skin no matter what time of year it is. We encourage you here at Southern Zoomer to switch to more natural alternatives. The best Fall skin care ingredients are all natural, and nourish or replenish instead of damage. We live in our skin for our entire lives, so lets treat it with the utmost care and respect.

The ingredients you need for the best Fall skin care DIY’s possible are multifaceted and provide skin with many different benefits. From the vitamins they contain to the essential properties they provide, it’s no wonder the following made our list of best Fall skin care ingredients. You can make so many wonderful recipes with these!

Best Ingredients for DIY Skin Care in the Fall

These ingredients are all natural, wholesome, and wonderful to use in DIY skin care products. You can even use them in household products like natural cleaners or DIY candles. Do you have any ingredients we should add to our list? Sound off in the comments section below!


Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub

Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub

pumpkin spice sugar scrub

It’s the season of pumpkin spice! It’s everywhere, from coffee shops to bakeries to grocery stores. Pumpkin spice is truly a sign that Fall is upon us. The scent brings back memories of childhood, pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, and more. It’s quite a decadent and fragrant scent, spicy and warm. Why not use that fragrance in DIY skin care recipes? We have a fantastic and simple pumpkin spice sugar scrub recipe. It’s important to exfoliate, especially as colder weather approaches. Exfoliating gets the dead skin cells off, and allows moisture to penetrate the skin. Deep, long lasting moisture is important to protect skin from the elements, and to keep it feeling soft and looking beautiful and smooth!

What you need

How to make it

To make it is the easiest part! Simply combine all ingredients in a bowl, and mix very well. Then, transfer the mixture into your mason jar or other sealable container. When you’re taking a bath or shower, wet your skin and then gently massage the scrub in. Then you can rinse it off with warm water. Now, your skin is primed to stay moisturized throughout the day, and all that yucky dead skin is OFF! The best part is the smell of the pumpkin spice. When you apply it and even after, there is a wonderfully fragrant fall scent lingering.

What’s your favorite Fall DIY skin care recipe? We would love to hear about it! Sound off in the comments, and check our blog for even more Fall DIY skin care recipes. We have Fall perfume blendsnourishing Fall lotion, and even a Fall lip balm recipe.


Best Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Blends

Best Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Blends

best aromatherapy oil diffuser blends

Do you have an aromatherapy oil diffuser? You can get a gorgeous one here, with soothing color changes and two different mist modes. These diffusers combine water and essential oils to create a mist that fills an area with aromatherapy properties of those oils. They also work as humidifiers, since they do fill the air with a fine mist of water particles. Some people use them just for the fragrances it fills the air with, but many benefit from the aromatherapy properties of the essential oils. Every oil has its own unique benefits, and you can diffuse several at one time in these diffusers.

The amount of essential oils and water you add to your diffuser depends on the diffuser you use. Make sure you read the instructions that come with your diffuser, and use the amount recommended by the manufacturer. However many drops you can add, divide it evenly between each of the following oils in our favorite blends. We have some of the best aromatherapy oil diffuser blends listed here, so fill your diffuser and enjoy!

Clean Air Blend

Congestion and Allergies Blend

Go to Sleep Blend

These blends are some of the best aromatherapy oil diffuser blends you can use at home. They use some amazingly powerful essential oils, with dozens of aromatherapy benefits each. It is our goal here at Southern Zoomer to help you and your family live a more natural lifestyle, replacing chemicals in your home with all natural products. One of the ways you can do so is to use essential oils.

What is your favorite aromatherapy oil diffuser blend? Sound off in the comments and share your blends!


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