What Is Coconut Oil Good For? Here Are 5 Cosmetic Uses


You’ve probably heard a lot of people mention using coconut oil in their beauty routines, but if you are new to the DIY beauty scene, you may not fully understand how to incorporate this rich moisturizer into your beauty routine.

I personally use organic coconut oil (cold-pressed only, thank you!) daily and would be delighted to share with you my 5 favorite coconut oil cosmetic concoctions.

Feel free to copy my recipes, or experiment with your own.  That’s the fun of DIY, making it your own.

coconut oil cosmetic usesDe-stressing Coconut Oil Hair Masque

You wash it.  You dry it.  You curl it.  You color it.  It’s amazing how much abuse our hair can take!

This mixture will pamper your hair, leaving it silky-soft and you feeling calm and relaxed.

Simply combine a handful of organic coconut oil with a drop or two of lavender essential oil to create the best hair masque ever.

Apply the masque to either dry or towel-dried hair (avoiding the roots unless your scalp is dry) and wrap it up in a towel.

Then sit quietly and read for 30 minutes before removing the towel, washing your hair and styling as usual.

sugar scrub for showerWake Me Up Sugar Scrub

This is probably my favorite homemade creation, and I use it in the shower every morning.

Combine 2.5 cups of sugar with 1 cup coconut oil and 20 – 30 drops of peppermint essential oil.

Use the mixture to exfoliate your body (avoiding the face).  This simple creation leaves your skin hydrated, soft and clean.  Nothing wakes you up like the amazing sensation of peppermint oil.

coconut oilThe Simplest Make-Up Remover Ever

With nothing to mix or combine, this is my simplest recipe.

Coconut oil, used completely alone and in its natural state, is the ultimate makeup remover.

Apply a small amount to a cotton ball and use to remove even the most stubborn cry-through-your-daughter’s-wedding mascara. I will give you one word of warning; remove contact lenses before applying the oil to your eyelids!

coconut oil & honey for acneFacial Exfoliation and Acne Treatment

This is another simple, but highly effective use for coconut oil.

Using a terrycloth washcloth, apply a small amount of coconut oil to the face in a rubbing, circular motion.  The terrycloth will exfoliate while the coconut oil deeply moisturizes the face.

This is great for those with dry skin and can also be altered to help with acne.  Add in a drop or two of honey to the coconut oil and it will help kill the bacteria that cause acne.

Image Courtesy |Flickr: superfamous

Image Courtesy |Flickr: superfamous

Skin and Mind Soothing Bath Soak

This is a super-luxurious bathing treatment that will leave your skin feeling amazing and your mind relaxed and calm.

Add a generous handful of coconut oil to a warm bath (I like to place my ingredients right under the running water so that they get mixed well).

Then add in any number of the following: honey (nourishes skin while killing bacteria), lavender essential oil (calms the mind and helps treat any number of mental issues from anxiety to depression), eucalyptus oil (opens the sinuses and can be extremely helpful if you are suffering from a cold or flu), tea tree oil (kills fungus and bacteria), or peppermint oil (awakens the mind and leaves skin feeling tingly and clean).

Your needs will determine what you add to the bath.  Feel free to experiment and create your own!

These are just a small sampling of what can be done with organic coconut oil.  It is truly a wonderful product to have in your home and I would recommend everyone try it.

I’m curious…What kind of creations can you come up with? Leave a comment below.


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