Coconut Oil Fat Bombs


Coconut Oil Fat Bombs

coconut oil fat bombs

Fat bombs are a high fat, low carb way to get some energy. When you eat a fat bomb, you are getting energy from a high fat source, instead of from sugar. Some studies say that this is the best way to gain energy and maybe even lose weight! Whatever the reason you want to make coconut oil fat bombs, they are a delicious treat. It’s full of healthy fats, instead of unhealthy fats found in most snacks and treats. Let’s dive in to this delicious, energy giving coconut oil treat!


How to Make it

In a mixing bowl, add in all ingredients besides the cashews and cocoa powder. Using a hand mixer or Kitchen Aid, mix all ingredients together well. Use a spatula to empty all the contents into a silicone mold or ice cube mold of your choice. Firmly press the cashews on top of each mold, and sprinkle cocoa powder evenly. Put the mold into the freezer for about an hour, or into the fridge for three to four hours. Remove your coconut oil fat bombs carefully, and store them in a Tupperware container in room temperature or in the fridge. Pop one out whenever you need some delicious, nutritious energy!

Coconut oil, along with nuts, have healthy fats that your body craves for energy. Cocoa powder adds a bitter, chocolate after taste to these fat bombs. The nuts add a crunch, and even more healthy fats to consume. These fat bombs are great for before or after a vigorous work out. Hello, guilt-free delicious snacks!

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