Make the Best Pie Crust with Coconut Oil

pie crust coconut oil

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A good pie is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  There is nothing quite like diving into a slice of freshly baked apple pie or, my favorite, icebox lemon pie.  From fruit to custard, a great pie starts with a superb crust, and one of the best I have found is made with coconut oil.

All pie crusts share common ingredients: flour, water, fat, and salt.  It is the choice of fat and the preparation that makes all the difference between crusts.  Pie crusts range in texture from mealy to flaky.  A crisp, flaky crust is ideal for fruit pies like apple and peach, and this texture is easily achieved with common butter.  The mealy crust is ideal for custard, fudge, and chess pies because it will not become saturated with oil and water the way a flaky crust will after refrigeration.  The most common fat used to obtain a mealy crust is vegetable shortening (Crisco) or lard.

However, all of these ingredients are hands down beat out by coconut oil.  Coconut oil is easily obtainable, healthy, and can be used to make one mean pie crust.  Although labeled as oil, coconut oil is solid at room temperature, which means it behaves more like shortening or lard.  When used in place of lard or shortening in a crust recipe, this fat produces a crumbly, crispy, delicious crust that is perfect in combination with any pie filling.  It makes the ideal mealy crust when used on its own, and an amazing flaky crust when combined with butter.  This fat is the one that all pie makers must have in their kitchen.

In addition to creating the perfect crust texture, some coconut oils, like the one sold by Southern Zoomer, retain their coconut flavor and aroma.  When these are used in pie crusts, they can give the crust a slight tropical, coconut taste.

coconut oil pie crust

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This is perfect for pairing with banana, chocolate, pineapple, or any other fruit flavored pie.   I recently used it with my favorite chess recipe and was astonished at how deliciously the flavors blended together.

No matter what your pie-type is, I suggest you try making your next crust with coconut oil, and experience the perfection in texture for yourself.  I promise you that once you try it, you will never go back!


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