DIY Eye Cream Recipe


DIY Eye Cream Recipe

DIY eye cream recipe

Around our eyes, the skin is thinner than on other parts of the face. We tend to develop wrinkles here easily as well as dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines. For decades, women have been buying expensive products at the store to try to help firm eyes and prevent premature aging around the eyes.

While many products claim to be “miracle” products, very few actually do much of anything. If it seems like it has immediate results, try going two days without using the product. Seemingly magically, your eyes will return to the appearance they had before using the expensive creams! Instead of using “miracle” products that can actually cause premature aging after consistent use, make this DIY Eye Cream Recipe using all natural ingredients at home. Not only will it reduce puffiness and reduce the appearance of fine lines, it helps with dark circles and nourishes skin to prevent future damage from the sun and other free radicals! Product should never be put right by the lash lines, so that it won’t get into the eye itself, causing irritation. It should be patted gently around the eye and not rubbed, since skin is its most sensitive here.



  1. Using a double boiler, melt together the Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil over low-medium heat until fully melted. Stir together as it melts.
  2. Once fully melted, remove from heat and let sit for 30 minutes to cool off.
  3. Add in the rest of your ingredients.
  4. Using a hand mixer, mix the products together until fully combined. This should take about 3 to 5 minutes.
  5. Place your mixture in a sealable glass jar.
  6. To use, apply to a clean face at night before going to bed. Using a small dime size amount, melt between your finger tips by rubbing the product together on your hands. Use your finger tips to pat the product around the eye area.

You will notice a significant change after using this DIY Eye Cream Recipe for about a week. The results are long lasting, and the difference is definitely noticeable! Not only will your eyes feel and appear more youthful, skin will tighten and the appearance of fine lines will be reduced. It’s not a miracle, it’s just fantastic, all-natural ingredients working together for a more youthful appearance and healthier skin!


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