DIY Hand Sanitizer


DIY Hand Sanitizer

DIY hand sanitizer

Our hands touch everything, from doorknobs to cell phones to other people’s hands. We pick up a lot of bacteria along the way, because our environment has bacteria in it. It’s completely unavoidable. Studies show that cell phones may harbor more bacteria than you think. However, you can protect yourself from sickness by using soap, or by using hand sanitizer when you’re on the go.

Hand sanitizer is convenient when you’re not near a sink, and kills harmful bacteria that may be on your hands. Traditional hand sanitizer from the store uses alcohol as its active ingredient. If it is not alcohol, there is an antibiotic used, such as triclosan. Using this ingredient can cause antibiotic resistance, and in turn make your body more prone to illnesses. Let’s ditch these chemicals, and go au natural, shall we? It’s time to learn how to make a completely natural DIY Hand Sanitizer. This hand sanitizer will kill bacteria, fungus, and other microbes naturally using essential oils and other natural ingredients. You can use a glass spray bottle to store your DIY hand sanitizer, or you can use glass roll-on bottles.



  • Combine all ingredients besides the filtered water in a measuring cup.
  • Use the measuring cup to fill your desired container about 3/4 full.
  • Fill the rest of the container with filtered water, leaving a small amount of space at the top.
  • Shake well before each use

All of these ingredients work together to not only sanitize your skin, but also to promote healing. Instead of drying out your hands like most sanitizers do, this one will be moisturizing and pleasant smelling. If you have a favorite essential oil you’d like to use, you can add a few drops of it into the mixture.

If you’ve made this DIY hand sanitizer, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know how well it’s working out for you. We love hearing from our customers!



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