DIY Lavender Face Wash


DIY Lavender Face Wash

DIY Lavender Face Wash

Face wash is an important aspect of your skin care routine. It washes away the day’s impurities, and provides protection against free-radicals and other contaminants which cause premature aging. Your pores can easily become clogged, and face wash should be used daily to ensure your pores and face are clean and clear! Store bought face wash can be filled with harmful skin care ingredients including parabens and petroleum by-products. Yuck! If you don’t want these ingredients going onto your skin and potentially through to your bloodstream, try making this all natural DIY Lavender Face Wash.

Materials –

Directions –

Combine all ingredients in the glass container of your choice. Stir well, and make sure to shake mixture well before each use. To use this face wash, take a cotton pad and place a quarter size amount of the face wash onto it. Apply in an upward motion on your face, avoiding getting any into your eyes. Wash away gently using warm water on a wash cloth. Make sure to keep your container sealed when you are not using it.

Lavender oil is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial. If you’d like any additional benefits from essential oils or an added fragrance, feel free to add 3-4 drops of your favorite topically-safe essential oil! This DIY Lavender Face Wash will cleanse your face and fight the signs of aging. Coconut oil nourishes your skin, and makes sure free-radicals stay away! Instead of drying out your face like most commercial facial cleansers, this face wash will leave your skin hydrated and glowing! Say NO to chemicals and irritants, and say YES to DIY skin care. It truly makes a difference, and you will notice it as well as others. Did you make our DIY Lavender Face Wash? We would love to hear about your results! Leave us a note and tell us about your experience. Happy DIY-ing!



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