DIY Organic Toothpaste


DIY Organic Toothpaste

DIY Organic Toothpaste

Did you know that store-bought toothpaste is usually filled with toxic ingredients? Fluoride, artificial dyes, and Triclosan are a few among many harmful ingredients that can be found in toothpaste. To avoid these harmful ingredients, you can easily make your own DIY Organic Toothpaste.

Fluoride is perhaps one of the most difficult toothpaste ingredients to avoid when shopping at the store, even at “organic” grocers like Whole Foods Market. Did you know that one tube of commercial brand toothpaste contains enough fluoride to kill a small child? The dangers of fluoride are easily researched, and it’s easy to see why you might want to avoid this ingredient.

Artificial dyes have known links to behavioral issues and food allergies in both children and adults. When you see a toothpaste that has red or blue coloring, it is most likely not from a natural source. Certain artificial colors even increase estrogen, which can lead to all sorts of health complications. It’s no surprise that these food dyes are far from organic, since they are carcinogens and petroleum by-products.

Triclosan is a carcinogen, and has been linked to causing thyroid and other health issues. It is also linked to resistance to antibiotics, damaging your immune system. This ingredient is found in some toothpastes and anti-bacterial hand soaps.

Instead of worrying about ingredients, making your own DIY Organic Toothpaste can be easy and fun!

You will need:


  1. Place the 1/2 cup Organic Coconut Oil in your jar
  2. Mix in 1 Tsp. Baking Soda
  3. Add in 12-15 drops of Pure Peppermint Oil
  4. Mix well for 1-2 minutes

That’s it! Make sure to keep your jar sealed when not in use. Making this DIY organic toothpaste will cost far less than buying toothpaste from the store, and it’s also much better for you. If you make our recipe for DIY Organic Toothpaste, we want to hear from you! Let us know how much you love it, and any variations you include in your own version of the recipe.


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