DIY Unscented Lotion


DIY Unscented Lotion

DIY Unscented Lotion

While it is always nice to have thick and creamy body butter around, there are times when a lotion is preferred. Body butters have a thick and creamy texture, while lotions have a much more “liquid” texture to them. They can easily be squeezed through a tube, or applied more sparingly from a jar. Fragrances are also wonderful, but some people don’t prefer them. Some people are sensitive to scents, and would prefer not to smell like lavender or peppermint all day. If you want to make a DIY Unscented Lotion for yourself or as a gift, we have a wonderful recipe for you!



  1. Set a double boiler on low heat.
  2. Add in all of your ingredients.
  3. Stir occasionally until all ingredients are melted together.
  4. Remove from heat, and carefully pour into a glass mixing bowl.
  5. Whip your mixture using a hand mixer or whisk.
  6. Let the mixture sit in room temperature for about 30 minutes to set.
  7. Mix one more time well with a hand mixer or whisk. You should now have a lotion texture!
  8. Using a spatula, transfer your mixture into a glass jar with a lid.
  9. Let it set for a few hours before using.

DIY Unscented Lotion is an easy recipe with only three ingredients that becomes a luxurious, all natural product you can use daily. If you prefer scented lotions, it’s easy to add in your favorite essential oils to this recipe. Simply add in 15-25 drops of your favorite essential oils after your mixture is off of the heat to add a wonderful fragrance!

All natural products are not only fun and easy, they are much cheaper to create than buying store bought products. You won’t have to worry about toxins on your skin, and you will know exactly what is going on your body. Have you made the switch to all natural products? We want to know how it’s going! Send us a note, and let us know if you have any questions about our recipes.


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