Essential Oils That Are Effective For Allergies


More than 50 million Americans suffer from some kind of allergies. Using an essential oil could be all you need to remedy your allergy.

There are a lot of different triggers that can hit hard and manifest a great deal of issues overall. No matter how severe they are, it seems like there is no end in sight as to how to cure them.

You could reach for over the counter antihistamine products, and you could look into prescribed pharmaceuticals, but at the end of the day, they rarely seem to work. The reason why most of these elements don’t work is because they don’t heal the root cause, they end up “masking” the issue instead.

A summary diagram that explains how allergy develops - Courtesy:

A summary diagram that explains how allergy develops – Courtesy:

Understanding Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies can cause a great deal of problems for people. From sneezing, coughing, to hay fever and other symptoms, there’s a variety of issues that come with allergic reactions through the change of the seasons.

The primary cause of these issues is pollen, dust, and weeds that can end up in the air.  These can occur at a certain time in the year, or they can manifest as a result of travel. Whatever the case is, you’ll find that permanent relief is hard to find with traditional medications.

Alleviating the issue through the use of natural, holistic options, including essential oils, have been proven effective for allergies.

Remedying Through Natural Means

Treating allergies with essential oils falls into several categories. You’ll find that many options can help, including Peppermint, Eucalyptus and even Lavender Essential Oils.  These can be utilized in a variety of applications and settings, each one offering a great deal of relief.

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Using each solution is a matter of obtaining these extracts and following through with applications on the skin at first. Note, if you have sensitive skin use carrier oils such as Sweet Almond or Coconut Oil to dilute the highly concentrated essential oils.

essential oils allergiesNatural means trump others because they focus on holistic application and follow through.

The Application of Essential Oils

Essential oils can be absorbed through the skin, and their aromas can be inhaled through the air. Often times, essential oils can be utilized in the form of a rub that can be applied to the chest, or even the feet.

Some have found relief through the use of humidifying mist with essential oils mixed in with water to create a more powerful solution.

The reason why these methods help more than antihistamines you may have tried is because they focus on alleviating the root issue that causes the problem.

When you utilize natural means, you will get superior results by giving the body’s immune system a serious boost.


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