December “Guess & Win Essential Oils” Sweepstakes Winner

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Kim Ruiz – December 2014 Guess & Win Essential Oils Sweepstakes Winner

Happy, Happy New Year To Everyone! It’s going to be another great year…

Congratulations To The December “Guess & Win Essential Oils” Sweepstakes Winner – Kim Ruiz. We are sending her our 3 most popular essential oils…Eucalyptus, Lavender & Peppermint.

Answers to December Sweepstakes questions:

  1. What essential oil does the world’s most recognized soft drink, Coca-Cola, have in it?
    ANSWER: Wintergreen Oil
  2. This fabulous fruit is often given as a simple stocking stuffer. However, the essential oil has many therapeutic uses such as helping to combat PMS and relieving hiccoughs. What is it?
    ANSWER: Tangerine Oil
  3. This essential oil is a favorite in bath oils and foams. The fresh scent reminds us of crisp, winter days and the holidays. What is it?
    ANSWER: Pint Needle Oil

A little bit about Kim Ruiz…

Kim is from Kokomo, Indiana. She is a Mechanical Engineer. Good for you Kim…we need more women engineers. 🙂

She shared with me she has dabbled with a few different essential oils and is interested in natural cleaning products.

If you are on Facebook please be sure to congratulate Kim.

This month’s (January) questions have been posted here.

You can’t win unless you enter… 😉


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