Congratulations To Our May “Guess & Win Essential Oils” Sweepstakes Winner – Lori Behr

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Lori Behr
May 2014 Winner
“Guess & Win Essential Oils” Sweepstakes

A big congrats goes out to Lori Behr who won our May “Guess & Win Essential Oils” Sweepstakes.

We will be sending her a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

Answers to May Sweepstakes questions:

  1. This essential oil can relieve Insomnia, Stress & also repel Moths. What is it?
    ANSWER: Lavender Oil
  2. This essential oil can get rid of mice. What is it?
    ANSWER: Peppermint Oil
  3. During World War II, Australian cutters and producers were exempt from military service until they harvested enough of this precious oil to stock first-aid kits. What is it?
    ANSWER: Tea Tree Oil

A little bit about Lori…

From Philadelphia, PA. Lori is a Food Service manager for the School District of Philadelphia.

Lori uses many essential oils for healing purposes as well as adding scents to things and making them smell excellent.

She finds Lilac to be tranquil and calming and uses Honeysuckle as a perfume (sounds yummy!).

She keeps Peppermint oil around to keep the mice away (works for spiders too!). And uses Tea Tree Oil to heal (should be a staple in everyone’s household). 😉

In fact, she shared with me she uses too many essential oils to name and just loves using them.

If you are on Facebook please be sure to congratulate Lori.

This month’s (June) questions have been posted. You could be our next winner.

Enter here for your chance to win!


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