How To Use Eucalyptus Essential Oil For Muscle Pain


Eucalyptus Oil For Muscle PainWhen it’s cold outside, as it is in most parts of the country right now, muscle pain can be prevalent in many areas of our bodies, especially in the back, shoulder and knees. Today, I want to share with you how to use Eucalyptus Essential Oil to combat that muscle pain.

How The Body Responds to Pain

Normally, when a person has pain they reach for something from the pharmacy. However, many of these over the counter medications can leave burns and even irritate the skin. Why? Those products are not in tune with the body’s natural dermal tissue, which can cause serious chemical burns and more.

Using a natural pain solution can help heal the body and create many substantial benefits.

Believe it or not, the body responds much better to natural elements than pharmaceutical enhancements. For instance, essential oils have been proven effective in remedying a great deal of ailments including that of muscle pain.

Masking The Pain

When you look at the options that you may find in a pharmacy, you’ll see that the majority of items are using chemicals that nullify the pain through masking the root cause. When your body sends messages of pain to the brain, it is stating that there’s something wrong.

Attention is needed to the primary issue, and when you apply ointments and other elements to it that are not derived from natural sources, you are just telling the body that nothing is wrong. The root source is still there, but you are deadening the senses. This is not going to heal the root issue, and could lead to further damage and injury to the joints and muscle.

The Natural Choice

For athletes and individuals that are dealing with minor muscle strain, pain, and spasms from exertion, remedy can be found through essential oils.

Eucalyptus Essential OilLook at using Eucalyptus Essential Oil, which can help penetrate the dermal tissue and displace the pain with a healing touch. Massaged into the muscle, the oil penetrates the skin tissue and isolates the lactic acid that causes the point of pain, flushing it out as a result. This is a natural process and has no major side effects to it.

How To Use Eucalyptus Oil For Muscle Pain

Use a small amount (a couple of drops) of Eucalyptus oil, combined with a carrier oil such as Sweet Almond or Coconut Oil.  Massage the area where there is pain. The results will manifest within a matter of minutes.

At the end of the day, testing Eucalyptus Oil for muscle pain will direct the natural processes of the body to alleviate the root issue of minor muscle pain. When you eradicate lactic acid from the muscle tissue, you will feel true relief, and will gain mobility.

That’s the glory of natural essential oils. They isolate the root issue and heal without altering the receptor’s path.

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