7 Eucalyptus Oil Uses Everyone Should Know


eucalyptus oil for coughWhen I was a kid my mom would always put vapor rub on my chest to ease the congestion associated with a cold, flu, or sinus infection.  I remember not liking it, because what kid wants to be slathered with a strong-smelling, jelly-like medicine.  I also remember however, that it worked.  While studying what eucalyptus oil is good for, I learned that eucalyptus oil uses are varied and it was one of the active ingredients in vapor rub.  Who knew you could have the effects of instant unstuffiness without having to douse yourself in goo!   I was quick to learn that this potent oil has a variety of uses that warrants its addition to the medicine cabinet of every home.

Eucalyptus Oil Can Ease the Effects of Asthma
During an asthma attack, a few drops of diluted oil placed on the chest will open the bronchial pathways allowing for the free flow of air.  It also works in the same capacity for respiratory diseases like bronchitis and pneumonia.

End Coughing with Eucalyptus Oil
Diffuse the sweet scent of eucalyptus oil throughout the room by placing the oil in a potpourri diffuser or oil warmer.  The heated oil will ease your coughing and provide you with a relaxing environment.  Eucalyptus oil is also an expectorant, therefore when used in this capacity, coughs you do have will be more productive.

Eucalyptus Oil helps Your Body Cool Down
Due to its high evaporation rate, this oil can help you feel cooler.  Combine the oil with peppermint essential oil and spritz yourself when you feel hot (this is so great for hot flashes!), you will get a quick cooling sensation.  You can also use this application to help ease and break fevers.

Eucalyptus Oil is an Effective Disinfectant
Who needs expensive chemical cleaners, make your own all natural disinfectant wipes and spray with pure eucalyptus oil.  Bacteria don’t stand a chance against it.

Eucalyptus Oil kills Dust Mites
We have already discussed how Eucalyptus Oil can ease chest congestion, but pure eucalyptus oil can also be used to eradicate infestations of nasty dust mites.  Simply combine 2 cups of water with 5 drops of liquid soap and 30 drops of eucalyptus essential oil inside a spray bottle and use the mixture to spray your mattress, clothing, and suitcase (after a trip, of course).  The bugs find the smell undesirable and will not settle where it is sprayed.

Eucalyptus Oil is an Excellent Bug Repellent
Because of its strong smell, eucalyptus oil makes an excellent and natural mosquito and tick repellent.  Dilute the oil by 25% using coconut or sweet almond oil and apply it to the same places on your body that you put perfume.  The bugs will find you unappetizing and keep away.

Eucalyptus Oil Increases Circulation
When diluted and rubbed onto the body, eucalyptus oil is an amazing arterial vasodilator.  Place one drop into a handful of lotion and massage the area of concern.  This same technique can be used for sore muscles and joints due to the anti-inflammatory and increased circulation effects of the oil.  If you have diabetes, eucalyptus oil is a must for natural circulatory promotion.

As you can see, eucalyptus oil uses are varied and invaluable.  If you don’t know where to purchase eucalyptus oil, let me suggest our online store or on Amazon. We specialize in high-quality oils that are tested for their effectiveness.  We are dedicated to educating on the uses of oils such as eucalyptus and offer amazing products at affordable prices.


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