Focus Essential Oil Blend


Focus Essential Oil blend

Focus Essential Oil Blend

Millions of people have issues with being able to focus and pay attention to the task at hand. With distractions everywhere like television and social media, it’s easy to see why! There are also millions of students diagnosed with ADD or ADHD every year. Medication is usually prescribed, but is that necessarily a good thing? As a country, the USA is over diagnosed on a regular basis. There are natural alternatives available to help with these issues. Before you turn to medication to help with focus and attention deficit disorder, try this all natural and organic Focus Essential Oil Blend. It’s a very simple recipe that can be used in a diffuser, or added to a glass roller ball with a carrier oil.

Ingredients and Materials:


If you have an essential oil diffuser, fill it with distilled water up to the “fill” line. Add in your essential oils, and diffuse for two hours as needed when you need to focus.

If you are using a glass roller bottle, first use a pipette to transfer your essential oils into the roller bottle. Add in your carrier oil, filling the bottle almost to the top while leaving a small amount of room. Replace the roller securely onto the bottle, and screw the cap on tight. Shake well before each use. As needed, apply your focus essential oil blend topically on your wrists and behind your ears.

This blend is full of all natural oils to help calm and focus your mind. Aromatherapy using all natural essential oils can help your health physically as well as emotionally. Sometimes, we all have days where it is difficult to focus and complete a day of work, or a difficult task at home. Using this focus essential oil blend, you will notice a change in your ability to focus as well as relax. Enjoy this blend daily!


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