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health information for seniorsRecently, a volunteer, Jasmine Dyoco, from EducatorLabs reached out to me about publishing articles to address specific topics and issues.

She was inspired to build out a senior-oriented resource collection when her 12-year old son was able to teach her 82 year father how to use the Internet.

One of the articles she found on our site she captured to share with her audience was “User Reports Tea Tree Oil Made Her Toenails Beautiful Again.” The reason was so many seniors experience toenail fungus.

As a result, she shared with me several resources I’d like to share with you in hopes you find them helpful too.

Here’s one…

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a plethora of health information for seniors. From Advance Care Planning to Alzheimer’s Disease to Brain health and so much more.

Check out the CDC’s index of healthy aging information:

CDC – Health Information for Older Adults – Aging

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