Host an Essential Oil Party


host an essential oil party

So, you want to host an essential oil party? We have the products you need to get started! Maybe you are selling essential oils, or maybe you want to have some fun with friends. Teaching others about the powers and benefits of essential oils is very rewarding. After all, you can help someone remove toxic chemicals from their life.

To get started, you need… essential oils! We offer several very high quality, pure essential oils. Our oils have many benefits, and they smell fantastic and fresh. Here are the oils we currently offer:

These oils are among the most diverse available. They are perfect for beginners, as well as people more versed in EO’s. In essence, they are the perfect oils to host an essential oil party with.

When you teach everyone how to make essential oil blends, let them have a blend to take home! You can use 10ml glass roll-on bottles to send blends home with your party guests.

To send one type of oil home with guests as a sample, you will want to use 1ml Amber Glass Bottles. They’re the perfect size for samples! If you try to pour essential oils directly in to these bottles, you will end up with a mess. You don’t want to waste oils, so use small metal funnels to transfer your essential oils. Leave no oil wasted!

Here is a fantastic little party template to help you host an essential oil party:

  1. Introduction to Essential Oils
  2. Chemicals found in other products
  3. Essential Oil uses
  4. Dilution & Safety
  5. DIY essential oil blends
  6. Tools of the Trade
  7. Free Blends & Samples

Hosting an essential oil party can be very fun. Make sure to practice essential oil safety, so that those you are teaching may follow in your footsteps. Happy Oiling!


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