How to Start Using a Natural Tick Repellent with Eucalyptus and Coconut Oil

natural tick repellent

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Can you imagine going hours or even days with itchy red skin that burns and feels so painful on the inside and outside? Rashes? Shortness of breath? Numbness? Swelling? Vomiting? Fever? Headaches? Well, left untreated, your beloved dog could experience all of these symptoms and more after he/she is bitten by a tick.

In order to avoid this unnecessary but extremely common discomfort consider using a natural tick repellent.

Now you may already be using a store bought repellent but did you know that many flea and tick products contain toxic ingredients? And that they can be harmful to your pets with long term use? In fact, one of the most popular brands of tick and flea treatment could lead to cancer, organ damage and nervous system damage.

The great thing about a homemade tick repellent is that you know and control exactly what goes into the product you are using on your pet. And by using a blend of eucalyptus and coconut oil you have the satisfaction of knowing that the repellent is natural, safe and easy on your wallet!

Eucalyptus oil repels parasites. And it also soothes the skin after bites, stings and rashes. Coconut oil also repels parasites and soothes and heals the skin.

Two of the easiest ways to create and use a eucalyptus and coconut oil natural tick treatment for dogs are as followed:

  1. Via Massage. Rub half a teaspoon, or more depending on the size of your dog, mixed with 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil over your dog’s entire body. This can be done before walks, or once or twice a day. For the dog who just can’t sit still try using a mist.
  2. Melt a half and half mixture of coconut oil and water in a sauce pan. Add to a spray bottle with a few drops of eucalyptus oil. (Because of the potency of essential oils like eucalyptus you want to use them sparingly. With a 2:1 carrier oil ratio.) This spray can be applied directly to your pet and to his/her bed.

As if tick repellent isn’t reason enough to invest in a jar of coconut oil for your pet here are some other benefits of coconut oil.

  • Not only does coconut oil help heal the skin after a tick bite and repel ticks, it improves the overall health of your dog’s skin. Just as it acts as a moisturizer for humans, it does the same thing for animals!
  • As a natural emollient it helps to give your dog a moisturized, shiny coat.
  • It helps to reduce doggy odor and breath.
  • Added to your dog’s food it can help with brain health, reduce weight, help with digestion and nutrient absorption and prevent thyroid problems, diabetes and heart disease.

Coconut oil is not only a great oil to have on hand for cooking, and for your hair and skin, but it is also a great oil to have on hand for your pets health and skin as well!

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