How to Use Peppermint Essential Oil and Sweet Almond Oil to Soothe Indigestion


We all know the discomfort and pain that is caused by indigestion.  Many of us experience this common condition frequently and have resorted to overuse over-the-counter remedies that have side-effects of their own.

There is, however, an herbal alternative that has been used for centuries and is proven both effective and safe: peppermint oil.

peppermint oil for indigestion

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Peppermint oil is well known for its digestive benefits.  Studies have proven this simple compound to be highly effective in treating IBS, indigestion, and painful gas.  It works due to the presence of two compounds: thymol and eugenol.  These compounds help balance the flora of the digestive tract which ensures its proper operation and can eliminate painful occurrences of indigestion.

The easiest way to use peppermint is to purchase a good quality essential oil (like Southern Zoomer’s peppermint essential oil).

100 peppermint oilBecause essential oils are highly concentrated forms of the compounds found within a plant, it is recommended that they be used externally only, unless you consult your physician first.  Peppermint essential oil is especially good at eliminating indigestion when used topically.

The simple formula is to apply 3 drops of peppermint essential oil to 1 teaspoon sweet almond oil and rub the concoction onto the abdomen.  You can also add a few drops of the oil to your wrists and breathe the scent in deeply to cure nausea and upset stomach symptoms as well.

The simplicity of this mixture and its high rate of effectiveness should make it one of your go-to’s for stomach troubles.

Both peppermint essential oil and sweet almond oil have a variety of other uses that makes them valuable to have in your medicine cabinet. Start with these two medicinal oils and you will come back for more wonderful natural treatments.


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