Hydrating Aloe Face Cream


Hydrating Aloe Face Cream

hydrating aloe face cream

Aloe Vera Gel is known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and cooling properties. It’s a fantastic ingredient for skin care recipes, especially if you have redness or inflammation.

People put aloe vera gel on minor abrasions quite often, and even take it internally for stomach soothing benefits. Personally, I like it for the cooling and hydrating effect it has on skin!

Coconut oil mixes wonderfully with aloe vera gel to tackle all sorts of skin care issues. To make an ultra hydrating aloe face cream, you need ingredients that are all natural and high quality. For face creams especially, gentle ingredients are a must.

If you have a slight sun burn then this hydrating aloe face cream can provide a bit of relief and moisture. Aloe vera gel is considered a natural burn relieving ingredient.

We love all of the wonderful properties it has to offer! This particular recipe works best when you keep it in the fridge and scoop a small amount out by hand before applying. Hello, moisture!


What you need

How to make it

Put your coconut oil, almond oil, and beeswax pastilles in a double boiler on low-medium heat. Mix well after it is fully liquid. Remove from heat and let cool for two hours in room temperature, or an hour in the fridge.

Slowly incorporate the aloe vera gel using a hand mixer after everything is cool. Add several drops at a time of your lavender, and mix again.

Transfer into your container. You can store this in room temperature, but we highly recommend using the fridge.

Because of the aloe vera gel, this recipe will last about 2-3 months, give or take. Make sure you keep it sealed and cool. Enjoy!


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