Lavender Beeswax Candles


Lavender Beeswax Candles

Lavender Beeswax Candles

Candles have been around since ancient times. In 3000 BC, the Egyptians began to make beeswax candles. These types of candles are long-burning, and the ingredients essentially never expire. Candles can contain toxic ingredients, and it’s important to not burn store bought candles if you want to ensure the air in your home is safe and free of air pollution. Instead of using expensive store bought candles which cause air pollution, make your own DIY Lavender Beeswax Candles! It’s a lot easier than you may think. With just a few simple ingredients and supplies, you will have your own, safe candles in no time at all.

Ingredients and Supplies:

  • 4 Small Glass Jars – canning jars or smaller versions of mason jars work great!
  • 4 Natural Candle Wicks.
  • All Natural Glue – All natural eyelash glue works well!
  • Tongs – to hold the wick in place while pouring your hot mixture.
  • A ladle or large soup spoon.
  • 1 Pound Beeswax Pellets – Make sure to use organic.
  • 30 Drops of Lavender Oil.
  • A Double Boiler.


  1. Set aside your glass jars and place the wicks inside. You can make the bottom of the wick stay put by using hot glue, or an all natural alternative. It’s very difficult to find all natural adhesives, but you can easily find an all-natural eyelash glue online to use! Funny, but it works.
  2. Using a double boiler on medium heat, melt your Beeswax Pellets. Make sure to stir occasionally.
  3. Once the wax is fully melted, remove from the heat.
  4. Add in 30 drops of Lavender Oil and mix well.
  5. Using some tongs, hold the wick in place using your non-dominant hand.
  6. Using your dominant hand, pour the wax mixture into the jar using a ladle, leaving an inch of space from the top.
  7. After one minute of holding the wick with your tongs, gently let the tong rest over the side of the jar.
  8. Repeat the same steps with each of your jars.
  9. Cut off the excess wick so that it stands up straight in the candles.

Beeswax has a high melting point, which makes these Lavender Beeswax Candles long-lasting! The lavender scent is light and not overpowering. These make an absolutely fantastic gift. You can add in up to 20 drops of another essential oil if you’d like to add in some more fun fragrances! If you’d like to get creative, you can pour your candle into a candle mold of just about any shape instead of using jars. Beeswax makes for a difficult clean up at times, however it is absolutely worth it.


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