How to Use Lavender Oil for Hair Growth


Lavender essential oil has a plethora of household and personal-care uses, but I bet you didn’t know about this one.  This common essential oil can be used to stimulate hair growth!

This is fantastic news for those people who suffer from the embarrassing condition of hair loss who have for far too long thought they had to resort to chemical concoctions or surgery to replace their lost hair.

lavender oil for alopecia areataA research study conducted in Scotland by a group of leading dermatologists determined that lavender essential oil is effective in re-growing hair in 44% of patients suffering from a common condition called alopecia areata.

Those who suffer from this disease lose their hair because their bodies reject their hair follicles, basically treating them like foreign invaders.  The treatment using simple lavender essential oil was astoundingly successful and easily implemented requiring no special knowledge or equipment outside of the lavender essential oil.

The best procedure for using the lavender essential oil for hair growth is scalp massage.  Simply massage a few drops of the oil into your scalp using your fingertips.

The hair re-growth is assured, but you will also eliminate dandruff and itchy scalp during the process due to the antiseptic nature of the oil.

lavender oilIt is recommended that you do this on dry hair, at night before bed.  The smell of the lavender will relax you and promote healthy sleep while it encourages hair re-growth.

You can shampoo as usual in the morning and reap the rewards of a great night’s sleep, less dandruff, and a full head of voluminous locks.

Lavender oil has been used for thousands of years due to its antiseptic properties and wonderful smell.  Its safety record is unmatched by any modern pharmaceutical, and now that it has been revealed to re-grow hair, there is no excuse not to have this essential oil in your medicine cabinet.


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