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Recently, we received a product review on Amazon from Theresa Rodriguez whereby she states she is using our Lavender Oil to fade a scar above her lip. So, today I want to share with you how to use lavender oil for scars.

lavender essential oilLavender Essential Oil Uses
There’s something compelling about the scent that comes from lavender. It’s used in laundry detergent, candles, and many fragrances for the home and in the beauty industry.

Aside from the scent that can help with a variety of mood enhancements, it can be used for combative properties on the skin. Healing dermal issues has been a longstanding tradition for practitioners of holistic healing elements.

As you look into lavender oil for scars, you will find that it could very well change your perception on how to heal skin irritation, scars, acne and much more.

How To Use Lavender Oil for Scars
Studies have investigated lavender oil for scars, and results have been positive in many ways. The application is subtle, applying a few drops to the area, and doing so three times a day.

The oil has a natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory property that helps with the body’s regenerative properties.

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The skin gets invigorated with the oil, and the cells start to produce more effective bonds. As the dermal tissues start to create more complex bonds, the scars start to dissipate and are overtaken by new skin cells.

Preventative Measures
Searching online for terms like, lavender oil scars, can lead you to more information about how you could prevent scar tissue from forming after a cut or abrasion.

Lavender oil can be used as an antiseptic, and again, it helps with healing the dermal tissue. It can create a barrier between the tissue and outside elements, giving it an easier path towards healing and alleviating issues that could otherwise cause scarring.

Minor burns and cuts can be alleviated faster, and easier with the use of this oil directly on the skin.

Look For The Right Ingredients
While this treatment can help with scars, and assist with alleviating acne, it should be noted that a little goes a long way.

Look for holistic essential oils that are pure, and aren’t diluted with other chemicals or inferior elements.

Often times, scented solutions can be masked or manufactured through pharmaceutical means.

To get the real holistic healing properties in regards to lavender oil scars, you’ll need to focus on getting 100% natural ingredients.


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