May 2015 Guess & Win Essential Oils Sweepstakes Results


essential oilsWow! I don’t know about you but the first part of June has gone by really fast for us around here. Maybe it’s because we have been in the lab testing new products we plan to launch this year.

In fact, I’m just now getting to blog about the monthly Guess & Win Essential Oils Sweepstakes we run on Facebook.

Unfortunately, we did not have a winner this month. 🙁

Answers to May’s Questions…

  1. This lovely essential oil is known to relieve insomnia and it is also a great tonic to soothe a sunburn. What is it?
    Answer: Lavender Oil
  2. May is a great time for spring cleaning and this oil can not only freshen air and neutralize bad odors it can be used as an insect repellent.
    Answer: Lemon Oil
  3. This essential oil has been widely used for centuries as an insect repellent. But it can be used to keep neighborhood cats from digging up your garden by mixing with water and spraying around your garden. What is it?
    Answer: Citronella Oil

essential oils testingThis month we are going to take a break from running the sweepstakes contest to focus on preparing to launch more great natural products.

Stay tune…


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