Must Have DIY Essential Oil Supplies


Must Have DIY Essential Oil Supplies

must have diy essential oil supplies

Essential oils are awesome! They have many uses, potentially thousands. You can use essential oils to make skin care creations, household products, and to simply smell divine. Using essential oils can be a fun and creative way to replace products that are laden with chemicals and preservatives. However, it is important to have the right tools for the job. This is why you must have DIY essential oil supplies. Here is what you need to have at home –

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils like Sweet Almond Oil or Coconut Oil are many times needed for DIY essential oil recipes. Many essential oils must have dilution, because they are so powerful. Using some undiluted oils can result in burns, irritation, and more. Make sure you oil up responsibly!

Containers for Blends

There are many ways to store your oil blends and anti-aging treatments. Two of the best ways are with Amber Glass Dropper Bottles and  Roller Ball Bottles. Glass dropper bottles are perfect for storing oil blends at home. Roller ball bottles are portable and great for DIY perfume. Serums can be stored in both types of containers. Make sure to keep them away from heat and direct sunlight.


Pump lotion bottles and spray bottles are definitely some of the must have DIY essential oil supplies. You can make lotions and soaps to use in pump lotion bottles. Use the spray bottles to store DIY cleaning solutions and dusting spray.

Diffuser Jewelry

This is more of an accessory than a supply, but you want to have these nonetheless. Diffuser jewelry will allow your essential oil blends to stay with you all day long. They are long-lasting, and the essential oils within them can be changed daily. It’s also a super cute way to keep oils nearby! Try a diffuser bracelet, or even a necklace.

There are so many ways to use essential oils in DIY projects. Make sure you have the right supplies!


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