No Poo Spray


No Poo Spray

diy no poo spray

Most of us know about the famous brand, “Poo Pourri.” It’s a No Poo Spray which makes going number two, well, much less stinky. Have you ever found yourself at a restroom in someone else’s house or in a public restroom, wishing you could erase any evidence of your existence? Sometimes, an aerosol spray is available for this purpose. Aerosols are not good for your health and they are certainly not good for the environment. That is quite a hefty price to pay for something which simply masks a smell, and does not get rid of it.

No Poo Spray is cheap and easy to make at home. Instead of masking smells, it forms a protective oily layer on the top of the toilet water, trapping odors beneath the surface until you flush. Not only does it mask these odors, it smells very pleasant as well! It is not harmful to your health to use no poo spray. It also is not bad for the environment. It’s an easy recipe, so let’s get right to it.

What You Need

How to Make It

  1. Using a pipette, put your essential oils into your glass spray bottle.
  2. Fill up the rest of the way with water, and replace the top.
  3. Shake before each use.
  4. Before using the restroom, spray 3-4 sprays into the toilet bowl. There should be a clear oily film on top of the water.
  5. Go ahead and do your business, of course flushing when done.
  6. Voila! No poo smells!

This version of No Poo Spray costs much less to make than the famous “Poo Pourri” brand. You can keep one in your pocket or in your purse when you leave the house.


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