BPA Free Amber Plastic Bottles with Pump Tops

amber plastic bottles

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If you’re looking for professional grade PET Cosmo Round Bottles with Black Pump Tops, we have them!

These Amber bottles measure 6.85″ high and 1.85″ in diameter with a neck finish of 24/410. They hold a good hefty 8 oz. of liquid.

If you’re working with essential oils and prefer plastic over glass to save on money or a multitude of other reasons, the color is ideal as it protects the integrity of the ingredients.

The Black Pump Tops are commercial grade, measure 6 3/4″ high and contain a visible locking ring. Perfect for dispensing .5 mililiters of product per stroke. And, without the need to trim the stem as it reaches all the way to the bottom and picks up virtually all of the contents in the bottle.

Why use Plastic Bottles instead of Glass Bottles?

Many aromatherapist and those who regularly use essential oils will insist that glass bottles are a much better option for making DIY Natural Products.

In some cases they would be right, especially if the homemade product you are creating consists of a majority of essential oils, especially citrus oils.

Essential oils are very concentrated and potent. Therefore, they can break down plastic over time.

However, PET plastic bottles can be an excellent storage alternative to glass for many products containing essential oils. Consider this…

  1. PET bottles are much less expensive than glass bottles.
  2. PET bottles weigh much less than glass bottles. If you’re making them for gifts and shipping them, the postage is going to be much less.
  3. PET bottles are recyclable. Terrific because you can protect the environment.
  4. PET bottles are shatterproof. You don’t run the risk of breaking them when they fall on a hard surface such as tile or a hardwood floor.

When making lotion, shampoo, body wash, etc…and storing them in PET bottles, the essential oil’s potency is diluted.

Testing results confirmed that our BPA Free PET bottles are a great option for storing homemade products with essential oils.


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