Glass Roll On Bottles

roll on perfume bottles

Available on Amazon. Or, in the Southern Zoomer Online Store!

Looking for Glass Roll On Bottles where the roller ball stays intact? Or, they offer a smooth application every time? How about roll on bottles that don’t leak?

If so, you have come to the right place.

Introducing Roll On Bottles that actually work!

Our inspiration to seek out the best glass roll on bottles came from our customers. They ask for them.

We believe we have found them. And, they are the perfect match for those who enjoy DIY Essential Oil Blends, mixing or carrying around your own colognes, perfumes or fragrances.

When you purchase our Glass Roll On Bottles you get 6 true colored bottles, (2) Bronze, (2) Cobalt Blue & (2) Green. The dark colors are to protect the oils from exposure to light and preserve the therapeutic healing powers. Plus, they are BPA-Free and an FDA approved product.

You also get (6) 1.2 ml LDPE (thermoplastic) Transfer Pipettes. All this jargon really means is these pipettes are natural, yet strong enough to withstand the potency of pure essential oils.

Both the roll on bottles and pipettes are assembled by us and positioned strategically in a sturdy aluminum tin. We thought this was important so our customers could transport the bottles without worrying about breakage.

Although the applications are virtually limitless, here’s a list of uses for our Glass Roll On Bottles…

  • Mix up DIY Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends
  • Use for Anointing Oils
  • Prepare a roll on massage oil
  • Add your favorite cologne, fragrance or perfume to carry in your purse or when traveling
  • Use to make your on natural, chemical-free deodorant
  • Create the perfect moisturizing lip balm
  • Strong enough to be used for industrial and scientific experiments too
  • Give as a gift to your very best friend.

If Aromatherapy is what you’ll be using our roll on bottles, then be sure to download “The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Aromatherapy Roll On Bottle Recipes.” In this e-Book, we share a variety of Essential Oil Blend Recipes to combat everyday health related occurrences like: Acne, Allergies, Anti-Aging, Arthritis, Athlete’s Foot, Back Ache, Bumps and/or Bruises, Congestion, Headache, Relaxing, Sleep and more…

Our Glass Roll On Bottles are available on Amazon or in the Southern Zoomer Online Store.


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