Lavender Essential Oil

lavender oil

As one of the most beloved and used aromatic fragrances, Southern Zoomer is proud to present our 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil.

This lightly floral and soothing scented oil is so versatile it can be used for so many purposes:

  • Use lavender oil for Acne
  • Use lavender oil for Hair Growth (Alopecia)
  • Use lavender oil for Burns & Minor Cuts
  • Use lavender oil for Hair in shampoos and conditioners
  • Use lavender oil for skin conditions and rashes such as Dermatitis, Eczema & Psoriasis
  • Use lavender oil for Sleep, Insomnia or Nightmares
  • Use lavender oil in Aromatherapy recipes
  • Use lavender oil for Anxiety, Depression, Mood Swings, Nervous Tension, PMS, Stress
  • Use lavender oil for Asthma, Bronchial problems, Hay Fever, Flu Symptoms
  • Use lavender oil in the Bath
  • Use lavender oil on Bee and Wasp Stings
  • Use lavender oil for Headaches and Migranes
  • Use lavender oil as an Insect Repellent
  • Use lavender oil in your Laundry
  • Use lavender oil in a Massage
  • Use lavender oil for a Sunburn

As you can see this essential oils versatility is unsurpassed for working wonders on many skin conditions & ailments.

What’s The Secret to Southern Zoomer’s 100% Pure Lavender Oil? Here’s 5…

  1. Our Pure Lavender Oil comes with a built in dropper top for getting one drop at a time
  2. Ships the same day and arrives at your doorstep with a convenient carrying pouch
  3. Our product is of the “True Lavender” species obtained by steam-distillation of fresh flowering tops, in other words a top of the line essential oil
  4. Our products are the best quality solvent-free 100% pure essential oils
  5. Made With Pride In The USA.

You might ask where can I buy Southern Zoomer’s Lavender Essential Oil? Where else but our online store.

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