Relaxing Essential Oil Blends


Relaxing Essential Oil Blends

relaxing essential oil blends

Relaxing essential oil blends are blends of essential oils that produce a very relaxing effect both on your body and mind. We all have stress in our lives at one point or another. You could be going through something difficult, or simply have a lot on your plate right now. A hard day at work, a difficult move, or even just a talk with your kids can be stressful! Stress can cause all kinds of issues. Some of these issues include anxiety, physical pain, exhaustion, and insomnia. None of these are good for your health or well-being!

You can use these relaxing essential oil blends in a few different ways. You can include them in a lotion or body butter recipe, or you can put them in your essential oil diffuser. When using in a body butter recipe, make sure to double or triple the amount of oils. Our favorite: you can put them in a glass roll-on bottle and top them off with a carrier oil of your choice, such as sweet almond oil.

Uplifting and Relaxing Blend

Great Sleep Relaxing Blend

All Day Calming Blend

For Life’s Irritating Moments

With these relaxing essential oil blends, you can take a break from the stresses of life. It’s okay to get stressed, just don’t let it ruin your day! We are all facing different challenges, and it’s nice to have some all natural help along the way. If you are using a glass roll-on bottle, you can roll the blend onto the area just behind your ears, on your wrists, and at the bottoms of your feet. Don’t stress, oil up!


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