Sinus Relief Balm


Sinus Relief Balm

sinus relief balm

Any time the seasons change, or even when the weather changes, sinuses run amuck. Allergies are no joke, and can range from mild to simply debilitating. The rain and wind from storms can pick up a bunch of things that aren’t normally in the air, and swirl them around anyone who goes outside. It’s a pain, and it’s not pleasant. Seasonal allergy medications and antihistamines like Benadryl can cause drowsiness, which I’m not too fond of. Even if I’m having a sneeze attack, I have to get over it and get back to my day, or back to work.

It can make you completely miserable having a stuffy nose. Your nose is a wonderfully designed filtration system. It prevents those small pesky particles from getting to the rest of your body. However, this does mean your nose takes on the grunt of your seasonal allergic reactions. Snot, sneezes, and more, oh my!

Luckily, we have essential oils on our side. This recipe calls for three essential oils:
  • RosemaryRosemary essential oil helps clear up sinuses, and clear up mucus. It has antibacterial properties, and your nose needs those properties right now!
  • LemonLemon essential oil has a mood-enhancing fragrance, which helps when you’re miserable thanks to sinuses. It’s also anti-bacterial.
  • Eucalyptus – This is arguably the best essential oil for clearing your respiratory system. It has a clean, energetic scent and gets the job done.

For this recipe, there are two storage options. You can use lip balm tins to make it more portable, or just use a small sealable glass jar.

Ingredients for your Sinus Relief Balm

To Make

Using a double boiler on low-medium heat, combine the beeswax pastimes and coconut oil. Melt, then remove from the heat. Next, you can add in your sweet almond oil and essential oils. Stir until very well combined. Before your mixture melts, pour it into your containers. Cool them at room temperature for a few hours, or in the fridge for an hour.

To use your sinus relief balm, take your finger and get a pea size amount. Rub it into your neck and chest area. You can also put a very small amount underneath your nose. Do this any time you’re having sinus issues to gain relief!


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