Sweet Almond Oil Benefits


Sweet Almond Oil Benefits

sweet almond oil benefits

Sweet Almond Oil has many benefits, and is very versatile. Almond oil has been used for a very long time for its hair and skin benefits, while science has only recently caught up as to why it offers so many wonderful properties. It is loaded with vitamins like A and E, fatty acids, and other nutrients. You can use it alone, in a recipe, or even just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for scent personalization. Here are some sweet almond oil benefits worth mentioning:

Moisturized and soft skin

Almond oil absorbs well into skin, and contains vitamin E, which skin craves. Regular application onto skin will moisturize and protect skin from outside contaminants.

Clean and Clear Skin

Since almond oil is so easily absorbed, it is great for getting inside of pores and loosening up dirt and other debris. Using it in a facial scrub or cleanser will remove dirt and cleanse with deep penetration.

Eczema and Psoriasis

Sweet almond oil is very mild, while ultra hydrating. It can condition and moisturize skin while soothing it. The best part: it won’t irritate any skin conditions!

Healthy Hair

Because of the vitamins and nutrients almond oil contains, sweet almond oil will make hair healthier and stronger. Magnesium and zinc deficiencies can both be linked to thinning hair, and sweet almond oil contains both. You can expect less breakage when using sweet almond oil in your hair alone or in a DIY shampoo.

Strong & Healthy Nails

Similar vitamin deficiencies that can be found in thinning hair are also found in brittle, unhealthy nails. Rubbing some almond oil onto your cuticles daily will help your nails to stay strong and prevent white spots from deficiencies.

Sweet almond oil benefits are many, while the drawbacks are few if any. Incorporate this ingredient into your beauty and skin care regiment. The improvements and benefits are spectacular!


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