Three Ingredient Sweetheart Lip Balm


Three Ingredient Sweetheart Lip Balm

three ingredient sweetheart lip balm

Pucker up! It’s Valentine’s Day, and we are so excited to bring you this recipe!

It’s a super easy three ingredient sweetheart lip balm and it’s pretty self explanatory. You can literally make this in the next few minutes and be prepared for a Valentine’s Day kiss.

Get ready for soft, smooth, and pink lips!

Ingredients like coconut oil nourish lips while providing a base for other ingredients. Beeswax protects lips and keeps the balm on your lips. Mica powder adds a beautiful pink hue of color just for the day.

We like to call it a sweetheart lip balm because it’s absolutely perfect for pink, supple Valentine’s Day lips. Get those kissers ready, ladies!

What you need

How to make it

Using a double boiler on low heat, melt together your beeswax pastilles and virgin coconut oil. Once it is fully liquid, remove from the heat and add in your mica powder.


Mix well, and set out in room temperature for about half an hour. Once again, mix well.

Now, transfer the mixture to your cute tin containers. Stick a cute sticker on each one.

Now, you have a three ingredient sweetheart lip balm which makes your lips shine! Your lips will ‘thank youuu’ for these natural ingredients to be put on them.

You may even get some compliments, the color is so pretty! Get out there and have a crunchy, DIY Valentine’s Day!

We love this shade of pink mica powder, however you can use whichever color you’d like, as long as it is cosmetic grade and approved for use on lips.

What color are you using in yours? Let us know in the comments section below!


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