Toilet Cleaning Peppermint Bombs


Toilet Cleaning Peppermint Bombs

toilet cleaning peppermint bombs

Ah, the dreaded toilet bowl cleaning. No one looks forward to it, but it’s an unavoidable chore. You can make the process a bit more fun by making some toilet cleaning peppermint bombs. They’re like bath bombs, except they help clean your toilet! They smell wonderful, and help get rid of the bacteria in your toilet in combination with a good brush cleaning. It’s relatively easy to make, and very similar to the process of making a bath bomb. Make sure to keep these in a Tupperware or jar that is labeled for toilet cleaning, these could be easy to mix up with your bath bombs.

You will need…

How to make it…

  1. In a bowl or in your stand mixer, stir together the baking soda and citric acid until well combined.
  2. Now, add your peppermint essential oil and tea tree essential oil. Combine well.
  3. As you stir, slowly add in one teaspoon of vinegar. Keep stirring and slowly adding vinegar until the mixture has the consistency of wet sand.
  4. Press your mixture into the silicone molds. Make sure you really pack it in.
  5. Let the mixture dry in room temperature for about 3 hours. If you live in a humid environment with no AC system, put them in the fridge for an hour instead.
  6. Store in a Tupperware container or in a sealed jar.
  7. To clean your toilet, pop one of these toilet cleaning peppermint bombs in the toilet, and then use your toilet brush. Flush, and, voila! You have a nice and clean toilet to look forward to.

There’s no need to use major chemicals as a part of your household cleaning routine. All natural, DIY products not only work well, they won’t add to the chemicals that are in your home, and in the air you breathe.


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