How to Treat Toe Fungus If You Are a Golfer

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Suffering from athlete’s foot and nail fungus can stunt a golfer’s game.

The constant itching and burning can make it uncomfortable to walk and stand not to mention the break in concentration it can cause.

If you want to maximize your game, you need to ensure that there is nothing that will distract you from completing the perfect swing.

Fortunately, these nasty fungal foot invaders can be quickly eliminated by using tea tree oil.

Nail fungus and athlete’s foot are both fungal infections that are common amongst athletes.  They grow in the warm, moist environment found in player’s shoes and can be chronic and debilitating if not treated.

Most players do not realize, however, that 100% natural tea tree oil is one of the most effective, quickest acting treatments available.  The oil is naturally anti-fungal meaning that it kills fungal growth on contact.

A simple foot bath prepared with a drop or two of tea tree oil nightly is often able to kill the fungus in just a few days.

It can also be combined with water and sprayed inside your golf shoes to kill any remaining fungal spores in the lining, thus preventing re-infection (just be sure to let your shoes dry before wearing them).

With effective treatment being so easy, why would anyone suffer with unnecessary fungal infestations?

Keep your feet healthy, and your golf game will show positive improvements.

Makes me wonder if Tom Watson’s Ryder Cup chosen captains, Keegan Bradley, Hunter Mahan, and Webb Simpson, need our tea tree oil to prepare for the links in Gleneagles, Scotland?  Let’s hope that these guys and you will take necessary actions to ensure that your game is on par.

Pick up some of our tea tree oil to have on hand, just in case.


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