How to Use a Perfume Atomizer


How to Use a Perfume Atomizer

how to use a perfume atomizer

Empty, refillable spray perfume atomizers are perfect to make perfume for yourself, or as a gift to family and friends. Using essential oils, you can create a custom scent. Our two pack which is available here includes one gold atomizer, one silver atomizer, and a small funnel. The funnel helps to ensure the mess stays to a minimum, and you don’t waste any essential oils. How to use a perfume atomizer? It’s a lot easier than you may think!

To use your atomizer, simply put three to six drops of your favorite essential oils inside using the metal funnel. Next, you fill it the rest of the way using either a carrier oil like sweet almond oil, or distilled water. When you use sweet almond oil in your perfume, it adds moisturizing benefits for your skin. The more benefits, the better!

When you use a carrier oil, make sure to hold the atomizer closer to where you want the spray to end up. Oil is heavier than water, so it will need to be at a close distance. No matter what you fill the rest up with, you will want to shake the container before each use. This ensures that it is mixed well.

Using essential oils is much more beneficial than using store bought perfume and fragrances. Essential oils have beneficial properties, and nourish the skin.

Here are a few of our favorite essential oils to use in a perfume atomizer:

  • Lavender – This awesome oil helps with anxiety, mood, and insomnia. If you have trouble falling asleep, this is the essential oil for you! It also works as a bug repellant, and has antibacterial properties for minor cuts and burns.
  • RoseRose essential oil not only smells amazing, it has amazing benefits. Smelling this oil and applying it to areas like your abdomen can help with cramps, digestion, and more. It’s also antiseptic as well as an astringent.
  • Jasmine – This floral oil smells divine! It can help with snoring, and can even improve lactation. Much like lavender, it also helps with daily stress and anxiety.

It’s easy to use a perfume atomizer, and fun to create unique scents. Use one of your favorite essential oils, or create a custom mixture of 2-3 oils. Going all-natural with your beauty, skin care, and fragrance products is a must. Getting away from chemicals will improve your life. You will love it!


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