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how can you get a free vacation

At Southern Zoomer we’ve teamed up with to offer our customers FREE Travel Vacation Certificates when they purchase $50 or more in the Southern Zoomer Store.

Watch this Video to get a glimpse of some of these destinations available to our customers.

So, why would Southern Zoomer do this? Simple…

First of all, There are NO Timeshare Presentations required. These resorts have over 6,000 rooms and are never at full capacity. They would rather fill their empty inventory, knowing that the guests who use these vouchers will eat at their restaurants, drink at their bars, rent their jet skis, etc.

Secondly, they hope their guests will fall in love with the resort and become repeat business for them. Then, pay full retail in the future (total transparency here).

Why wouldn’t they? Check out just some of these resorts?

Vidanta Resorts:

Westgate Resorts:

About BookVIP

BookVIP, the fulfillment company of these Free Digital Travel Certificates, has traveled over 1 million families to date and has contracts with the world leading hotel chains, and resorts to help them fill their otherwise empty rooms. They help fill empty rooms which the hotels turn into additional revenue from other areas of their property and future bookings. Hotels rarely experience full occupancy, yet they remain open, providing rooms and services at fixed costs.

As of this writing, BookVIP has over 3.8 million likes on Facebook and counting. Plus, they have 1000’s of Video Reviews on YouTube of people from all walks of life enjoying these vacations.

See What Their Customers Are Saying…

How Does It Work? 

When you spend $50 or more in the Southern Zoomer Store on any of the Southern Zoomer products, BookVIP will send you a digital certificate via your email you provide us at checkout.

Click the activation link provided in the email. Or, you can call the 800 number and talk with the friendly customer support staff. You’ll be responsible for paying resort taxes and fees, if any, which won’t exceed $19.70 per night with any of these resorts.

Be sure to activate your certificate within 7 days of receiving the digital certificate. Although, you’ll  have 18 months to choose your travel dates. To date BookVIP has redeemed tens of thousands of digital certificates and have a fantastic reputation that they are proud of!

We are excited to be able to offer our customers an amazing vacation package along with our Natural Products. We hope you are too!

What are you waiting for? Shop in our Store and get a Complimentary Vacation on us!


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