Best Skincare Habits


Best Skincare Habits

best skincare habits

We’ve all been guilty of it before – leaving makeup on overnight, not exfoliating, or even forgetting to wash your face. They are not good habits to have.

We need to care for our skin, because it’s our largest organ and also because we are stuck with it for life. Hair grows back, nails can too.

Our skin, however, needs to be maintained and taken care of with the utmost of care. Let’s review the best skincare habits – call it a 2018 resolution!

Take off that makeup

It’s so easy when you are tired from a day at work to think, “oh well, it’s just one night.” However, makeup is not good to leave on your skin. It clogs pores, and drains moisture from your face. You can end up with acne or even worse, premature wrinkles and age spots.

Instead, if you are very tired or in a rush, try using some coconut oil and almond oil. You can apply this to your face and rub it in small upward circles, and then dampen a cloth and wipe it off. It will still remove your makeup and add moisture, while not taking much time or effort.


Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Moisture is what keeps skin healthy, and prevents all kinds of pre-mature aging! Your skin craves moisture constantly. Moisturize in the morning, as well as at night before you go to bed.

Your face is the most important to keep moisturized – however, the rest of your body needs it too. Hands age quicker than most parts of the body, and your lips do too. Try using lip balm regularly, facial moisturizer, and hand cream. Body butter works wonders for the rest!

Use Natural Products

Perhaps one of the very best skincare habits is to use natural products. Your skin absorbs a lot of what you put on top of it. If it is regularly absorbing chemicals and preservatives, chances are your skin may age prematurely.

You can make your own all natural skincare products at home with ingredients such as coconut oil, almond oil, essential oils, and more. Take a look at our other blog posts if you aren’t sure where to start. We have plenty of recipes!


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