Moisturizing Face Mask


Moisturizing Face Mask

moisturizing face mask

Face masks are fun, and it’s not something you have to do every single day. Once every week or two, treat yourself to a moisturizing face mask! Not only is it fun, the benefits are wonderful. Your face will feel softer, and imperfections will be minimized. Every now and then, and especially during Winter months, your face needs some serious moisturizing. This face mask does the trick using coconut oil, honey, rosehip oil, and lavender oil. These ingredients not only moisturize, they protect skin from free radicals. This means prevention of the signs of premature aging skin. Fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles will not be welcome when you keep your face cleansed and moisturized!

What You Need –

How to Make it –

  1. Using a small spoon, mix together your ingredients on a plate or in a bowl.
  2. Use your fingers to gently put the mixture on your face in a circular motion. Avoid eyebrows and eyes.
  3. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes.
  4. Use a warmed wash cloth and drape over your face for a couple of minutes to loosen the mask.
  5. Gently wipe away the mask using the wash cloth.

Before you make and use your mask, make sure you have clean hands and a cleansed face. Moisturizers and masks have a much easier time penetrating pores when your face is clean! After you wash your mask off, it’s always a good idea to use an all natural toner. A very small amount of this mask mixture goes a long way, so you can make it just before using it with ease. With only four ingredients, this mask packs a powerful moisturizing and anti-aging effect. Oh, and good news! While single use masks at the beauty store may cost around $5-$10, this mask will literally cost you pennies each time. Enjoy!


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